Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Getting ready for the ferry

Since today was mostly a rest day we leisurely went to breakfast at a great local place, and then proceeded to to get our helmets ready by installing the new communication systems and waiting to pick up our bikes from Chris. 

Everything went well and we managed to test the range of the comms while picking up our bikes after they have been repaired. While we were at BM Motorcycles they informed us that they replaced our air filters also since they were full of sand from the Great Central Road.

Since the ferry was scheduled to leave at 7:30 PM we wanted to stay in the hotel until 5 PM at least but the Motel wouldn’t allow that late a checkout so we checked out of two rooms and we all stayed in one room until it was time to leave. 

There is a strict quarantine on Tasmania and once we reached the terminal there was an inspection to insure no fresh fruits or vegetables are transported. Our bikes were strapped in and we went to our cabins. The ferry took about an hour just leaving the bay, we had a meal on the boat and proceeded to get a good night's sleep even though there were two cinemas on board with nice movies. The sea turned rough when we got out on the open but then stabilised.