Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Arriving in Tazmania

The ferry arrived at 6 am and we were allowed to get to our bikes at 6:30 to get ready to disembark once Husain was on his bike he noticed that his handle bars were a bit loose . 

We got off the ferry and parked at the first available spot and proceeded to repair except that we needed a size 7 alan key and we only had 6 and 8 . Ali talked to some street workers but they didn’t have anything that could help. So we went to a local hardware store got the tool and fixed the handle bars.

We then started our journey to Bicheno on an overcast day with some light rain going east until we reached the coastal road and then south. Mid way we stopped at cafe that had motorcycle parking at the door. The scenery was great and roads were even greater . 

There is a reason why so many motorcyclist visit Tasmania. We arrived early enough to go visit a local motorcycle museum , they had mostly vintage European and Japanese motorcycles. We had dinner at the Seafood Centre which was once an aquarium , Tomorrow we should arrive in Hobart with a nice sunny day .