Monday, September 5, 2016

Twisty to Melbourne

We had breakfast at the local bakery which we had checkout the night before to make sure it was open early. While at breakfast we discussed the long day ahead. First we had to get to Melbourne , then we needed to go to the motorcycle shop to see if they can fix my side stand , and replace Ali’s tires. And then we needed to get to a motorcycle accessories store to get me a new helmet and to replace our ailing communication system. All that before everything closes at 5 PM.

So we left early still on the Great Ocean Road with very nice vistas until we reached the highway and entered the city with increase traffic. Since we were early only one room was available , the other two would take another 30 minutes . Ali and I dropped our luggage and headed to BM Motorcycles in Ringwood to meet Chris. It was there that they realised that there was also damage to the headlight housing and that the windscreen bar needed to be replaced. 

We dropped off our bikes and headed to the Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket where me and Ali were like kids in a candy store. I got my helmet picked up 3 Scala Packtalk devices and headed back to the Hotel. 

We were invited by Mohammad Ajeel Aljunaibi from UAE who is a student here . His father is a friend of Ali’s and he remembers when we had dinner at their home 7 years ago on our round the world trip. We got to meet many other UAE students, had a great meal and talked about our adventures all night long.