Monday, August 22, 2016

The rainy road to Laverton WA

Since our next stop was to Laverton which was only 360 km away we decided to visit the Royal Flying Doctors Services and take a tour  and found out that the creator is represented on the 20 dollar bill here in Australia, if you are lucky you get to see a plane unfortunately for us both planes were out . We did however leave with a great appreciation to what they do and the logistics of it all. with services ranging from just calling for medical advice and education to medical transport via a jet. At times they get permission to land on a highway. 

It has been raining all morning, and after the tour I was hoping that the rain would reduce , which it did just enough for us to pack our bikes and head north. The weather didn’t get any better with scattered rain and temps around the 11 deg C and then going down to 8.5 deg C. By the time we reached the caravan park in Laverton which is the best place to stay I started to shiver even though we had stopped earlier and I put on another layer of clothing .

We got settled and went into town to the Desert Inn Hotel where they have the best cooked food, tomorrow we head into the outback on dirt roads for the next 4 days .