Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Off Road to Tjukayirla Roadhouse

Since it is still winter here it is always very cold in the morning. This time we had a kitchen and made our own breakfast , our bike were conveniently park right outside the door. This is why we like motel type accommodations however it turns out that the best ones are in caravan parks.

We left Laverton around 10 am with a full tank of fuel a cloudy overcast which was the end of last yesterdays rainy storm. we headed to the Great Central Road not knowing exactly what to expect. it is wide in many places and the sail here is red we didn’t see any trucks but we did see many cars  pulling small trailers or campers. 

While riding at the beginning we were stopped by road construction workers who gave us the condition of the road. That is the main topic now , the condition of the road since it is all dirt and the only way to reach some of the communities. 

About two thirds of the way in we took a break since we were getting tired and my hands hurting me from gripping, since we need to stand much of the way to keep the centre of gravity low and keep the bikes stable. After the break right when we started to leave Husain hit some gravel while only holding the bars with one hand trying to close his helmet and managed while out . He was OK except for a hit he got on his foot , apparently it hurt but not enough to not ride. So we continued on to Tjukayirla Roadhouse. got ourselves some nice rooms and a meal. 

Unfortunately there was no internet and no cell service here so I tried to use the InReach device that we use for tracking to send a message but we didn’t get any messages back which was disconcerting since the reason I purchased it was for two way communication . Once I get internet I  will investigate what is going on.