Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Better safe than sorry

We woke up to a nice sunny morning , Husain ankle would hurt when he put pressure on it. We needed to make sure it wasn’t anything serious before we pushed on to Yulara so we went into shop to have breakfast and to talk to Alan & Serena on what we can do. They recommended to go back to Laverton and get it checked out, and lent us their pick-up truck to for the day as long as we picked up their mail and supplies. 

We thought this was very generous and left right after breakfast. It took 3 hours to get to Laverton and on the way we saw a man riding his bicycle (they call it a push bike here) in the middle of the bush. We expect it would take him another two days to get to the roadhouse. I dropped off Husain and Ali at the Medical Centre , filled the truck up with fuel , then picked up the mail which was being kept at caravan park in Laverton where we had stayed before , I left for the Medical clinic  and waited for the doctor’s evaluation.

That day there wasn’t a doctor on site so they had one video conference in , to observed Husain and asked him some questions and concluded that it was just a sprain and all he needed was some Anti inflammatory medication and painkillers. He mentioned that if it got worse he could seek medical advice again.

We went to the local store to pick up the supplies and we were on our way driving back, we waved tot he guy on the bicycle took a couple of pictures and get back just before sunset to taste Serena’s fish burgers and get a goodnight’s sleep before we head out to Warburton tomorrow.