Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cold Ride to Kalgoorlie

When we arrived at the caravan park we were given a list of local restaurants, their address and when they were open. The only thing open on Sunday morning was Subway and the french bakery. So I decided to ride into town and get some breakfast from the bakery. I managed to get each an egg sandwich and a blueberry muffin. It was 8 deg C and luckily I can only do 60 km/h intown which made the trip manageable.

We ate packed up our belongings and headed east towards Kalgoorlie it was a very nice ride reminiscent of South Africa said Husain with the trees and the red sand. A rabbit crossed in front of my bike and Ali managed to see a dead kangaroo (Road Kill) amongst other furry smaller creatures that we don't recognize.

We stopped for a break and to take a picture at a road trains sign. and arrived at around 3 PM at the Rydges Hotel and Spa. Ali and Husain went to the only market open on a Sunday to buy some food in preparation for the desert cross expected in a couple of days. Tomorrow we head to Laverton and the start of the Great Central Road to Yulara