Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tour Waiting

While we were waiting for news on shipping our bikes to Kuwait we took a tour of Punta Arenas and visited the Braun Menendez Palace and took a tour.

We finally got the emails regarding the shipping , first if we were willing to ship the bikes to Doha Qatar , which I think would be fine it is only 8 hours to Kuwait and we could do it on a weekend. then I mentioned if it would be better to ship to Dubai since they have a big shipping hub. A half an hour later they stated that he couldn't do it and that there was no way to ship the bike via container.

So now we were looking at a 3000 km ride back into Argentina to Buenos Aires with rear tires that only have about 1000 km of life left in them. Tomorrow I look for tires for the bikes and get ready for the long ride.