Monday, January 21, 2013

Looking for shipping at the end of the world

Well all is well that ends well and we were so far as well as can be except that Hussain's bike was still at the ferry stop on Punta Espora so Ali took a cab bought a jerry can and filled with fuel then went to the ferry got on Hussain's bike and rode it back to the hotel in Punta Arenas.

Mean While I was calling Cristian who's name we got from some help from the Kuwait embassy in Chile and tracking down any leads to get our bikes shipped from here since we really didn't want to ride 3000 km to Buenos Aires just to ship the bikes. After talking to Cristian he directed me to a shipping company called Ultramar that deals with containers all we wanted was a 20' container to put the three bikes in and send it to Kuwait.

I talked to a guy named Erwin who didn't speak english and had to do with what little Spanish I had. We finally managed to get the message across and he said he will need until tomorrow to let me know. I mentioned that if he didn't think it was possible that he should just tell me now so that I can start making arrangement to go back to Argentina and Buenos Aires. He stated that it was possible but he wouldn't know until tomorrow .