Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tire Surprise

I tried the internet to track down any lead for a tire replacement shop but could't find any thing. What to do? well we decided to ride any way and see if we would find a place in Rio Gallegos in Argentina which was only 260 km away. When the strangest thing happened, Ali the social bug that he is has managed to make friends with Juan Carlos the Hotel manager especially since Juan Carlos was another manager in Salta Argentina and they both looked alike. And right when we were about to leave we ask if he knows where we can get tires for our bikes.

He says he may know some one and casually takes out his phone and makes a phone call he then states that his friend has three rear tires for our bikes. He gets in his car and we follow him to a professional workshop with no sign but pretty impressive hardware having at least 4 bike Jacks and the exact Heidnew tires to replace the ones we had dilemma resolved. Two hours later we were on our way to Argentina arriving just before dark at Puerto San Julian where we had stayed before.