Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Three Nights in Salta

On the first day we had some shopping to do as well as get insurance for the bikes. Salta is a nice small town with one shopping mall and a main square with nice little restaurants. the first night was nice walking around we didn't many people until the next day in the morning when the streets were bustling.

We were told later in the afternoon on the 31st that we should make arrangements for our meals since all restaurants will be closed in preparation for the celebrations of the new year. we went to the closest market and found out we were too late every thing had closed even the local McDonald's.

We took a taxi to the mall where we were yesterday since there is a grocery shop there. and it was closed. We finally went to gas station and has some snacks to eat. We then took a taxi to the Main square and were surprised to find one restaurant open. We had dinner and went to the hotel happy.

Later That night the streets were empty and all we can hear from midnight on were the fire works all over town that lasted on and off for about an hour.

The next day we were face with another problem. Ali's implant tooth was aching really bad and he had to go to the dentist who only gave him a sedative since it was an implant and they were not equiped to handle it. they recommended that we go to Buenos Aires. but we were headed into Santiago Chile so we looked for a clinic there and managed to get an appointment for next Monday the 7th of January. Now we had to be in Santiago on that date.