Sunday, December 30, 2012

To Salta

George and Arial picked up Ali at 8 am and we left about 30 minutes later going south to Salta which we wanted to spend a couple of nights there to get transport to Buenos Aires for Ali's bike.

About an hour in to the ride we passed Ali in the car and continued along a nice and  mostly straight road towards Salta. On the way we needed fuel and stopped at a gas station with a line of cars and many bikes waiting for fuel. We asked and found out that the tanker is filling the tanks and that it would take about an hour. Since we had enough fuel to get us to the next gas station we continued on to San Salvador de Jujuy took a break and filled up the bikes. Ali on the other hand arrived there a bit later and stopped to talk to the bikers while on a coffee break.

We then continued along the route the GPS had picked for us along route 9 , which about 50 km before Salta turned into a very narrow road , enough for only one car but with lines and markings for two lanes. Apparently only cars and motorcycles travel this route. it was a nice route through some mountains and rivers with many locations for a day out with the family.

Only 3 meters wide

We got into town and to the Hotel where we were met by Juan Carlos at the reception. Minutes later Ali arrived with George and Arial. He was very optimistic since all of the pain in his wrist was gone , there was only some pain in the arm. So we decided to stay three nights here and ride together to Ushuaia.