Saturday, December 29, 2012

Good Bye Bolivia

Ali was met by the truck driver and one of the hotel staff at 6 am to go to the Argentine border. While me and Hussain packed out bikes and waited for breakfast. We had to wait for another half hour for the hotel owner to move their car for us to leave.

We headed straight to the border which was about 4 and a half hours away without stopping. From reading posts of other travelers we know this border crossing was difficult with long lines and a sense of carelessness. It took us 2.5 hours to finish and then me and Hussain went to the hotel that we had reserved yesterday and left Ali with his bike.

The plan was that we go to the hotel, Then I take a Taxi back to the border while Ali gets into the Taxi and I ride his bike to the hotel. Well finding the hotel was a problem since it wasn't as per the location on the website and when we called and had some one talk to them who knew the area for directions , they stated that there were no rooms available and very obtuse about giving directions.

We decided to go to another hotel (Hotel Turismo) where all the travelers were staying. Later that evening Ali with the help of the Hotel staff managed to find George and his son Arial to transport the bike from La Quiaca to Salta. Then right after dinner we saw five travelers from Brazil who were at the Salt flats in Uyuni and had taken the road to La Quiaca stating that it was 200 km of narrow off-road with cars speeding by, and that they had felt it was really dangerous.