Friday, December 28, 2012

What to do ? What to do?

After breakfast we went to the doctor's office exactly at 9 am. He didn't speak English so we had to do with what little Spanish we had plus sign language. The doctor stated that it might be tendinitis and wanted to put Ali's arm in a cast so he doesn't move it. Ali refused if he was going to go home he will need the movement , what little there was to get around and manage.

We left the doctor's office with a fresh bandage and went to discuss what to do. We have already been down this road before we all agreed that if one of us couldn't make it that we would see that his affairs to go home are in order and the other two continue on. But how to get Ali to Kuwait ? we asked the Hotel owner to help in getting us a transport for Ali's bike first it was to Chile for sea freight, then it was to La Paz for Air freight. Then when things were not working out we decided to continue on to Argentina and get another transport to Buenos Aires either in La Quiaca or Salta.

Ali could fly from Salta and I contacted a shipping company in BA who specialize in motorcycle air freight.  We were all set, the truck came at 11 pm to pick the bike up and will be at the Hotel at 6 am to take Ali to the Argentine Border where we will meet him and cross together.

We were planning to go to Uyuni after Potosi but with what happened we decided to continue on into Argentina.