Thursday, December 27, 2012

To Potosi

We estimated that the ride might take as much as 8 hours from La Paz to Potosi depending on the condition of the road. and sure enough for the first hour we had traveled only 40 km due to traffic and bad roads. But the road started to get better with less traffic only the occasional light rain.

We stopped at a rest area that looked like a local spa . There were rooms to rent that had water cumming in from the mountain we assume for people to bathe. We then continued on until we reached Challapata , there the road got interesting with very nice scenery.

We saw llama crossing warning signs and decided it was a photo opportunity. We filled up with gas before entering Potosi. I always like it when we reach a hotel early it gives us more time to rest and look around. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. Our hotel was on an incline and we had to wait for a car to get out then put out bikes in. Ali went in first then I , then Ali went to help Hussain bring his bike in and while pushing the bike and I guess with the low oxygen level and low concentration the bike lent towards Ali and instead of letting it fall he held the heavy bike up hurting his wrist in the process.

We put a cold towel (couldn't find ice) on the wrist and sent him to the doctor with the owner of the Hotel. Two hours later he came back all bandaged up, they took an x-ray and bone is fine apparently it is just a sprain. The doctor wanted to see Ali tomorrow at 9 am. and since he cannot ride we are not going any where. So we decided to stay as long as it takes until we decide what to do.