Wednesday, December 26, 2012

To La Paz

After breakfast we got ready to leave and said our goodbyes to David and Uli who were going towards Chile since Uli has made arrangements to go home from Valparaiso Chile.

We left Puno breathless at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level and drove along the banks of lake Titicaca for most of the Journey to the Bolivian border. Along the way a Police car flashed their lights at us as many do here we didn't thing anything of it until he made a u turn and followed us speeding in front of us with lights flashing. We stopped and they asked about our papers and insurance which we had gotten at the border when we entered Peru. We know from other postings on the net that some Police regularly check for insurance and some go as far as getting paid to let you go. Since all our papers were in order he let us go stating that we should be careful and monitor our speed especially when crossing populated areas. We thanked him and went on our way towards the border.

Lake Titicaca

The Peru side was fairly easy with many tourist crossing especially German youths on buses. The Bolivian side was a bit different since we had to photocopy most of our documents for them to process our entry.

About 3 km from the border we were stopped by a check point that made us register and pay for what we don't know but since it was only 10 BOB we didn't care. We were told that the roads in Bolivia are not that good and it's true but nothing the GSs can't handle we entered La Paz as it started to rain and reached our hotel in the early afternoon. Tomorrow we head towards Potosi.