Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To Puno

After that nice rest in Cusco we were ready to move on to Puno and lake Titicaca. I had mad a reservation online as I usually do and left early on a very nice road with great natural scenery of mountains and rivers. we reached Juliaca a town before Puno fairly early since we didn't expect the roads to be so good.

While crossing Juliaca Ali and Hussain spotted a couple of motorcycle travelers and stopped to say hello. I made a U turn and found out that it was David on the 800GS who we met in at the BMW dealer in Lima. and with him was Uli from Germany on a Triumph Tiger.

We chatted for a while and they joined us on a convoy for the rest of the Journey to Puno. When we reached the hotel it was closed with a notice on the door addressed to me. stating that the Hotel was closed and that arrangements were made at another hotel nearby that was even better. We went to the other hotel which was very nice. They even gave Dave and Uli the same rate they gave us as walk ins.

We rested for a while and since it was Christmas day most of the restaurants were closed. We managed to find one that wasn't and in true middle eastern tradition invited David and Uli for dinner.

As usual every one gets really tired towards the end of a riding day so every one went to sleep early as we got ready to go to Bolivia.