Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To Tafi del Valle with Ali

Ali was excited to get back to riding especially that he has been almost 6 days since he last rode a bike. His tooth was OK after the shots he got from the dentist and we were heading to towards an interesting place.

Along the way to Tafi del Valle we stopped several times, the reason being is that it was a short distance and and easy ride. We came across interesting colored mountains and then there we saw many tourist stop and went in to find "Garganta del Diablo" the Devil's Throat.

We continued on until we reached the ruins of the Quilmes civilization and took a look walking around the cacti.

The road then started to ascend and get curvy and we finally reached our Hotel in the middle of town. We all went in town later that day and walked around before dinner it is small touristic town with many crafts shops many made from cactus.

It seems that all the restaurants open around sundown which is 8:30 pm here.