Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On our way to Nairobi

We spent the night about 40 km form Marsabit at Bubisa where Ali took out his mattress and sleeping bag, and Hussain and I slept in the truck cabin.

When we reached Marsabit we bought better rope, and had breakfast at a restaurant. Then around noon we continued on to Nairobi. At this point we had made our phone calls and contacts and realized that the spare parts would take a long time to reach Nairobi. Also there was only one place for us to go and that was to Chris and Jungle Junction.

We reached tarmac by 3:30 pm and continued stopping briefly for dinner and prayers. at one town we stopped and realized that the truck was in bad shape, for one there were problems with the brakes, and one of the injection points on the engine was leaking diesel , and the front suspension strut was loose.

The driver wrapped the injection point with tape and moved on until about 50 Km from Nairobi were we stopped on the side of the road at 2 am to sleep, as usual Ali took his mattress and sleeping bag and slept under the truck while Hussain and I slept in the cabin.