Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh No Moyale Road

We loaded our bikes early, and then had breakfast so that we can make use of the daylight. We left Moyale on the gravel road with plenty of water with us just in case we don't make the 250 km to Mersabit and have to camp. Although we were told there would be villages on the way that sold water.

We started slow, and then I began to pick up the pace going 60 to 70 kph , it was great on the knobby tires standing and having the suspension to the work. Occasionally I would slow down and wait for Ali and Hussain to catch-up. I saw blue birds that were running across the road as well as camels and some sort of midget dear.

About 44 km in Ali stated that his bike is smoking so I made a U turn and saw the smoke. It turned out that his suspension was leaking fluid onto the exhaust pipe. Hussain also mentioned an alarm on his bike ( It turned out to be the anti-skid) but his bike also was leaking and smoking.

We waited a while to see if we can get a truck to take us to Nairobi since ridding the bikes long distance was not an option. A truck going into Moyale (Opposite the direction we wanted) He stopped and started to help us , he made phone calls and directed us to go back to Moyale and get a truck tomorrow since all the trucks have left for the day.

We rode back to Moyale and on the way I saw a baboon in the middle of the road then started to feel some knocking, and when I stopped I realized that my bike also started leaking suspension fluid.

When we got to Moyale we were able to rent a truck to take us all the way to Nairobi, we loaded the bikes and then left Moyale at 2 pm. On the way we stopped several times because the bikes got loose and fell on each other, especially since the ropes were not good quality and not enough, and the road was very bumpy.