Sunday, April 17, 2011

We left after having breakfast consisting of a few eggs and some tea and realized after leaving that the tall shapes we have encountered yesterday are in fact termite mounds. So we decided to take a picture with one.

After stopping near a village where one of these mounds was the villagers came to right to us to see what we were doing, we wanted the village in the back ground but the villagers refused to let us take pictures unless we paid them. So we left and found another mound with no claims on the right to take a picture.

When we arrived at the border we had some trouble with getting fuel since one of the stations started to change the price once we arrived, and after Ali spoke to him he refused to fill our bikes so we went to another station to fill up.

We got to the border around 12:30 pm and were told that since it was a week end the lunch break is until 3:00 pm so we went to a nearby Mosque to pray and rest. The locals showed us were to have lunch and at 3:00 pm we were at the immigrations office getting our passports stamped and changing money.

When we went to the customs office to stamp our Carnet we found out that they were closed and would not open until tomorrow. Luckily Ali met a truck driver who knows the customs officer so he called him to come in with the promise that we would pay for his overtime.

Once we were out of Ethiopia, the Kenya side was straight forward and took only 20 minutes. We then went to the only Hotel in town that we can see from kilometers away since it was at least 5 stories high. We wanted to rest since tomorrow is going to be a long day traveling 250 Km on a gravel road from Moyale to Marsabit.