Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To Jungle Junction

Hussain woke me up for prayers, and by this time we were really tired have not slept well for two nights.  We continued on and were lucky that our GPS map had the location of Jungle Junction "JJ".

We got to JJ around 10:00 am and started to unload the bikes, and get our things in order. The bikes were damaged from the transport so our parts list got bigger fast. We cleaned out things from three days of dust, and managed to get a flight booking for the same day at night since it made no sense to spend our vacation waiting for parts to arrive.

We would leave our bikes and things in storage at JJ and came back with the parts to continue once they arrive. Chris was a great help and went to through the damage in preparation for the spare parts list. This was also a good opportunity to send back two of the Helmet cams since they were faulty and needed to be repaired.

We should arrive tomorrow morning in Kuwait.