Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Service for Bikes

We found out this morning that our bikes would not be accepted in Paris for service at the BMW dealer there. As a matter of fact we were told to come on the 25th of August even after I explained I was traveling.

So Ali contacted Park Lane BMW who managed to handle the service for our bikes tomorrow, so we will not be going to Paris tomorrow but after we have our bikes serviced.

We had a great lunch at the embassy, and went to Gatwick to pickup our bikes and ride back into London.


  1. The bikes are wonderful to see well post.........
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  2. Just Imagining the welcome party you will get here i got goose bumps .....looking forward...

    May God bless you ... and ride safe

    Khaled Y. Abueljebain
    VIP Group Webmaster
    HOG Kuwait Chapter Webmaster/Safety Officer.
    Iron Camel Bikers Group/Kuwait Direcor


  3. Muhanad!

    Fascinating to read your journey... man you guys are a source of inspiration!

    Have fun, play safe... and good luck for the rest of the trip. Hope to see you sometime soon in Kuwait / Dubai to celebrate!


  4. Salam to all. It appears you are taking ferry from Ancona. Have a safe sea journey but where are you heading to ? Within 2 to 3 weeks you will be in Q8 (انشاءالله), however we are anxious to have an update of your latest. Take care and may God go with you. Bu abdulrazaq

  5. Hi everybody

    me (MZ500R) and my wife (XV535) met you on the waiting line in ferry port Dover /UK.
    Exciting travel you had. We wish you a safe and healthy return to your home land.

    Kind regards
    Lothar and Gabi, Dresden