Friday, August 14, 2009

To Paris

We took our bikes in for service yesterday at the workshop. Husain's bike was the only bike with just a service while my bike needed to replace another sheared bolt in the same place as the one that sheared in India on the rear mud guard, I was told also that the rear brake pads were 50% worn and that I had to keep an eye out for the wear.

Ali's bike suffered a minor leak in the front break calipers we suspect was due to the draining of the fluids in Beijing. So we had to wait until this morning to pick-up his bike since it took some time for the parts to arrive.

All in all the service at Park Lane BMW was top rate and we felt more confident riding our bikes than we did before.

We took a taxi to the workshop, packed the bikes and headed to Dover to catch the ferry to Calais France. We had lunch on the ferry and a small nap then disembarked and headed to Paris arriving around 8 pm.