Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To Kuwait Embassy in London

We arrived yesterday around noon, and rested the rest of the day, we also found out that our Libyan visas have not arrived therefore we will not be going to northern Africa, and instead ride back home through Europe & Turkey.

Ali made some phone calls and we got a 12 pm appointment to visit the Kuwait Ambassador in London Mr. Khalid Al-Duwaisan who was kind enough to give a statement regarding our trip. He also invited us for a Kuwaiti lunch tomorrow at the embassy.

After our visit we went sight seeing in London and visited Big Ben. Tomorrow our motorcycles should arrive from Toronto at Gatwick airport. This is a perfect time to catch up on the blog updates.


  1. Best Statement so far regarding the trip. Mohanad is that the new look for Europe :)

  2. Salam to all. His excellency's statement was a true description of how every Kuwaiti feels about you and your adventure. I am glad you altered your root, because North Africa root has high temperatures of degree + no service facilities in event of bike failure (specially with high engine oil consumption!!!). I guess you will be heading for east coast of Italy to take a ferry to Greece. What ever you do may God go with you and keep you safe. Bu abdulrazaq

  3. yousif al bairamiAugust 23, 2009

    hathy a7la 9oooor