Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nice long roads

When we left this morning we didn’t know what to expect since the roads were very difficult the last two days. Husain was well enough to ride today, and we were targeting Caka. However our guide mentioned that if we were up to it Xining was a city with better hotels.We started with strait desert roads that resembled those we rode in Saudi Arabia, going 120 km/h was easy, and we managed to cover a lot of road in a short time.

Then the desert changed with more vegetation, and small bushes. Followed by some farms and then desert again. We passed through some construction but not many, and finally arrived at around 4 pm at Caka. We stopped prayed, and got something to eat. Then we informed our guide that we would be able to go to Xining which was another 300 km.

The scenery started to change form desert to green pastures, and farm land, and we were riding along side Qinghai Lake, then it started to get cold and when we were about 50 km form Xining we entered nice highway with green hills.Ten minutes later it started to rain cleaning the bikes from the mud we gathered from the past two days, and didn't stop even after we reached the hotel.