Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going to Muzaffarpur

We left as early as we could since it took a long time for our breakfast to be ready. We know that today was going to be a long ride considering the construction we saw yesterday, and the distance needed to be traveled was 320 Km.

On the way we passed Gorakhpur where we encountered a sever traffic jam, that made us go off-road to avoid sitting in the heat waiting for the traffic to clear. This also gave us confidence in our off road abilities, given that the GS is a well capable bike.

On the way as the day before we stopped at a mosque to pray, which used a hand pump from the water well to wash, and the electricity went out right after we finished our prayers.

We continued on at a good pace considering the road conditions kept changing, and managed to reach the hotel right before sunset. Once we took a look at ourselves we noticed that our faces were full of dirt due to the continuous dust from the construction roads.