Monday, June 1, 2009

The road to Basti

The friends we met the day before were kind enough to ride with us out of the city until we reached the highway, but not before we met the media for interviews and photos for their local news paper. They had taken a photo of me the night before, and had published it in the newspaper. Once we reached the outskirts of Kanpur we took a final photo with our new friends and went on our way.

Before reaching Lucknow we noticed a big black cloud coming our way, so we prepared our rain suits, and put them on once it started to rain. The weather cooled down due to the rain. while we were wearing our rain suits a car pulled up with the today's newspaper recognizing us in the article.

The road conditions really got bad later on since this part of Highway 28 was under construction with diversions all along the way. We managed to stop at a mosque for prayers since we expected to reach Basti close to sunset.

Husain was happy that we stopped in Basti since one of his colleagues is from here Mr. Abdulsalam Siddiqui. When we reached the hotel we were exhausted for the 8 hour trip, and went to bed early.