Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Day two of the Paperwork

Since tomorrow is a holiday here we needed to get the bike out today else be delayed for another 3 days with the weekend coming up . Furthermore it was a half day of work and by noon the port control would be closed, so we headed early to the shipping company to get the papers finalized. We then started to get really busy and once we got the paperwork sorted and picked up the bikes, and rode in the heat stoping at each station to finish a piece of the paperwork puzzle. 

At the last gate two documents didn’t have the chassis number printed so the fixer rushed to one of the offices to get it stamped , and once done the officer quested how the bikes were allowed to enter the country being more than 250 cc . The fixer explained that he had no idea and that it was too late now they are out. We rode back to the hotel waited for late afternoon when the it was a bit cooler to prepare our bikes for tomorrow’s trip north.