Monday, June 10, 2019

Day one of the Paperwork

We started our day at the shipping company to get the papers to start the process. They first complained that they still didn’t receive the manifest from Kuwait , then it was to be translated , then our names were not being accepted in their system, then the power went out and they could do nothing. We brought our helmets with us and put it in the fixers car trunk . 

We got access to enter the port to move the bikes and finalize out documents. We were allowed to remove our bikes from the ferry where they were inspected once again by a customs officer and ride them to a holding hanger. We then went to a building and waited for several hours. At the end we still didn’t finish the process and our fixer was held and the port gate with our helmets, so we had to go and explain that they were ours and that our fixer wasn’t smuggling them in.