Friday, September 2, 2016

Traffic in Adelaide

It was supposed to be only a 3 hour ride and maybe a 30 minute break to reach Adelaide early so that we would have enough time to fix the side stand switch on my bike, and buy a new hard drive for Husain. Well the 3 hour ride turned into almost four , and the break was more than 30 so we entered our rooms a little after 5 hours from when we left.

We notice a significant increase in traffic , which is something we had forgotten. Once we got to a dual carriageway I thought we were still on a single carriage and was looking for oncoming traffic until Husain pointed out that this was a dual carriage way.

Once we reached the hotel we quickly put our luggage in the hotel and left with lighter bikes first to the BMW Motorrad Dealer who fixed the switch and didn't charge us anything. and then we went to buy a Hard Drive and ear plugs for Husain. While we were in town Ali managed to find a small restaurant for our evening meal.