Saturday, September 3, 2016

Cold roads to Mount Gambier

The Inn we were staying had breakfast included with the room but had no dining facilities, So you get your breakfast in your room which was a nice change. The forecast was for rain and we knew it was going to be cold so we layered up in the morning and started to feel hot since the sun was still shining, but once we got on the road we were glad we had our thermals on.

We visited Sherri Jo Wilkins House and met her neighbors Lynda and Rob. She was kind enough to get us just enough sweet treets to ruin our diet. We managed to scarf down two boxes when we stopped twice for coffee. which we needed since it was very cold and rained occasionally.

The guys wanted a photo opportunity with the cangaroo sign , luckily the sun came out just enough for us to take a couple of good shots before it got cloudy again.

The Motel wasn't on the GPS list so we had to add the address. and it took us to the wrong place. Not the first time Garmin's Australia map was wrong , it's been challenging to say least. Tomorrow we head to Apollo Bay via the Great Ocean Road