Tuesday, August 30, 2016

To Alice Springs

Ali made breakfast and we went straight to pack our bikes and checkout of Emu Walk Apartments. Since we had passes to the National Park which last a couple of days we went in and started to look for a good place to take a picture . All along the road there were people parked where they can to take photos. 

We found a good place, took our pictures and headed straight to Alice Springs. once we put in the destination my GPS was 20 km distance less than Ali and Husain. once we started riding a turn came up and I asked the guys if they had it other GPS , they said no , so I checked the map and it was going to take us through another route that had unpaved parts. I set the GPS to avoid unpaved roads and away we went. after 4 days of unpaved roads we want a long break.

We arrived in Alice Springs unloaded our things in the hotel and headed into town first to the motorcycle shop to see if I can get a new helmet but the selection was pretty bad. Then we had a quick bite at a Mexican restaurant, and got fuel for our bikes. Tomorrow we have a long ride to Coober Pedy.