Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The boring road to Coober Pedy

Ali prepared boiled eggs and toast for breakfast and we were all ready to leave by 9 am but I was on the phone trying to get information from motorcycle dealers in Adelaide. We took Stuart Hwy south to Erldunda Roadhouse where we filled up with fuel and had a drink . We also mingled with other travelers and the Citreon 2CV club that husain was admiring since he has three of them.

On the way we saw Emu and Ali stated that he saw a small bird fly into my bike, since the speed limit was mostly 130 km/h we saw and generated plenty of roadkill. Like home the lizards on the road don't move when you wize by them and with three of us right after each other one of us is bound to run over it.

We reached Coober Pedy and immediately filled with fuel since we were on reserve, and Found a great restaurant to fill our stomachs before heading to the Comfort Inn Coober Pedy experience. This Hotel was initially an opal mine before it was turned into a hotel by the parents of the lady who is running the place, she also stated that the room I am staying in is displayed in 360 deg on the net HERE

Our rooms were 20 meters under with shaft vents that had inverted umbrellas underneath them to catch small falling stones which you can hear since it is really quite. Also there is no air conditioning since the temp is always around 21 to 22 deg c.