Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Waiting Game

It has been a week since the container arrived and 5 days since we have been here in Perth with no motorcycles . I think this is the first and last time we sea freight our bikes to a location, the difference in price slowly disappears as the money you saved is spent on hotel and transport waiting for your bikes to be freed from captivity.

Last we heard yesterday is that they cleared customs and that they are scheduling an inspection appointment for quarantine. Today we were told that the inspection is completed and that we are waiting for clearance certification. Which we hope arrives tomorrow with our bikes.

In the meantime we are keeping ourselves busy, our first days were spent shopping. A waterproof cover for the Phantom 4 , and video camera bag, microphones . And soon noticed that Perth is one of the most expensive cities in Australia. A bottle of water is 3.95 AUD which is almost 900 fils in Kuwait we don't pay that at restaurants.

We also managed to get out of Perth and visited Fremantle (Frio) and heard about Frio Prison which was open from 1855 to 1991 , and was built by prisoners (Cheap labor) . it was very interesting to see how jail life was and some of the facilities which had not changed in over 130 years. Especially that there was no indoor plumbing and each room had accommodation for two people and a bucket.

We also managed to catch the sunset over the indian ocean with a frenzy of photography action until the sun could no longer be seen.

And since we are all upstream oil guys we visited KUFPEC (Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company) offices here in Perth and got to meet Mr. Richard King who is the country manager and his staff , and got to know some of the projects that they are working on.

We also visited the local BMW Motorrad dealer here and picked up Husain's riding suit pants that he had ordered. I hope the bikes come soon , since we are running out of things todo. Yesterday evening we met Simon Mykolajenko, who we know through Sherri Jo Wilkins and is also a bike rider , He gave us some good advice on our route and we all had a good night of storytelling.