Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hello Sunny Perth

Our flight from Kuwait was delayed for about 40 minutes on friday the 12th , with a marathon event going to Husain as he navigates the security regulations to get his Phantom 4 drone on the plan with a request to remove the batteries and wrap them separately. We only found out about the drone when we reached the airport. I was surprised that Ali also managed to get Kuwait TV Channel 3 to shoot a brief interview before we said goodby to our families and boarded the plane.

A stop in Dubai and then a 10 hour flight to Perth and we arrive just after sundown. Airport formalities were easy and quick, and advice given to us from one of the security personnel to stay off the roads during dawn and dusk to avoid the many animals on the road.

Today I got up reluctantly due to jetlag and wrong number phone call at 2 am that kept me up. We are staying at the Holiday Inn city center situated near all the fun stuff. We took a walk towards the river and started to hear enticing engine noises. After further investigation what we suspect was true , there was a makeshift track near the park and we got to see some nice cars running as fast as they can.

We wanted to get sim cards for our phones since it makes no sense have roaming charges. looking online there are three network with many virtual networks running. I checked the coverage map for each provider and found that Telstra has the best coverage for what we needed, even though they are a little more expensive that the others (about 15 AUD per month extra).

Tomorrow we call the clearance agent and find out when we can get our bikes.