Saturday, January 12, 2013

To the Volcano

When I checked in yesterday to the hotel a list of activities was on a blackboard that caught my attention, it was for a flight on a small plane to the top of Volcano Villarrica. So we decided to go for it and in the morning I went to Ali's hotel for breakfast since there was no breakfast at the hotel I was staying at and then we all gathered at the hotel swinging in the hammocks waiting to go visit the volcano.

Once the driver took us to the airport we got very excited until we saw the plane and the cross winds and were told that the first 5 minutes will be turbulent until the small Cessna plane got to higher altitude.

The view from the plane were magnificent we went over Pucon and for 20 minutes continued to gain altitude so that we could reach the top of the volcano.

On the way we got to see many hikers on the trail climbing the volcano and the view from the top was breathtaking. We wanted to see some red but all we got was some smoke, even though it is an active volcano.

We took off from Pucon airfield and landed in Villarrica airfield with an experience that we truly recommend as far as you take your motion sickness pills.

Later that day we went into town and got to see all the preparation for the triathlon. We decided to leave really early tomorrow to avoid the closing of the roads especially since it is the same way to Argentina.