Friday, January 11, 2013

To Pucon

We were exited to leave early since we haven't had along riding day in a while and wanted to see if we could make it. The road was mostly riding highway 5 at the full allowable speed of 120 km/h . We stopped twice for a break and fuel. The rest stops were nice and big with a cafe.

After the last one we left the highway where the GPS told us to only to find ourselves on a 30 km gravel run through a road that went by the farms. in many parts it was loose gravel and we had to slow  down to first gear. The trucks coming in the other directions didn't help either throwing dust all over the place.

We continued until we reached the tarmac and were happy to see a goo road all the way to Pucon. First we went to Hussain's Hotel, and then I left for mine while Ali went looking for a hotel since both hotels were fully booked. He finally found one and we all stayed in different hotels this time.

We got together for a nice walk in town and dinner. Pucon is a lovely place full of tourist, it get rather hot during the day max 33 Deg. but really nice when the sun goes down. We also found out why all the hotels are booked, it turns out that on Sunday (the day we leave) there will be a triathlon with over 1000 participants, and that some of the roads will be closed including the one that takes us to Argentina.