Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Up to today we haven't had any progress in finding confirmed shipping for our bikes from Ushuaia and time is running out we don't have enough time to go to Ushuaia and then back to Buenos Aires since that is the only place we now know we can ship out of.

So after a lengthy discussion yesterday we decided to not continue to Ushuaia and go to Buenos Aires instead. However this morning Hussain declared that he wanted to go to Ushuaia alone. We had another discussion and decided to go as far as El Calafate and then see if we get any news of shipping by then.

So we left down Routa 40 headed south until we reached a small town called Gobernador Costa and found a small hotel . We walked around town and stumbled on a family from Uruguay who were going across to route 3 which turned out to be faster since it was all tarmac.

We calculated that if we skipped some of the sights we can make it to Ushuaia and back to Buenos Aires in time. So that is what we decided to do.