Tuesday, January 15, 2013

7 lakes to Bariloche

During the planning phase we stumbled across route 234 which is supposed to be very scenic and goes by 7 lakes. The family running the hostel were very impressed with us that they wanted to take a picture with us before we left.

We started down rout 234 and had to stop several times since the scenes were so picturesque , every one on the rout stops at the look out stops so we got to meet many people.

On one of the stops we got to see a 1964 Mercedes camper that looked incredible. it was like we went back in time.The owner wanted to take pictures with our bikes and we wanted pictures of his truck.

The route continued until we reached the gravel part which lasted almost 30 km and past the construction where they are turning the gravel into tarmac.

We reached the hotel in the afternoon with rooms overlooking the lake and mountains it was a great view and a nice end to a great riding day.