Saturday, December 8, 2012

To Pasto

We left Cali relaxed and informed of the road ahead , at least until Pasto. It was good most of the way and then it wasn't the last hour of the trip. on the way we managed to take a break at a local stop and have something to drink. Then we continued on to Pasto . The GPS kept acting up and apparently didn't know that some streets were one way. We navigated our selves to the hotel, and on the way we managed to see shops with arabic names on them.

So after checking in we decided to go into town and have dinner we asked around and met Fadi who was been there from Palestine for two months. He took us to the local mosque where we met his uncle Omar (Bu Mohammed) and had dinner with him.

We then went back tot he hotel which apparently was hosting a wedding and there is no sound insulation at all. The hotel does supply earplugs to who ever needs it. needless to say we didn't get the good rest we wanted.