Friday, December 7, 2012

Motorbike Cali

When we arrived at the hotel we knew that the parking was at a "location near by" however the hotel we were staying at was attached to a shopping center and the parking was on the other side. So we had to dump our bags and ride to the parking area and then walk back.

Since Hussain's clutch was acting up we had decided to stay an extra day and visit the local BMW dealer. The problem had corrected it's self but we wanted to be sure before we continued so we took the bike in to the dealer which turner out to be walking distance from our hotel.

There we met Andrios whose family owned a bike store and shop so while Hussain's bike was getting fixed we visited them and got to meet other travelers and asked about the route and what to expect. We also met Mike who owns Motolobia running motorcycle tours in Colombia.

With Hussian's bike fixed we prepared our selves for the next day which was riding to Pasto.