Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The long rainy road to Loja

Well today is a date to remember it is 12.12.2012. We had to leave without breakfast since the hotel served breakfast at 8 and we had a long days ride ahead of us. so we had some fruit and headed out around 7:15 am towards Loja in the south of Ecuador.The first hour and a half were very nice riding with the villages just starting to get alive and many of the shops still closed, as well as the natural scenery and the trees.

We found a rest stop and decided to have breakfast so we stopped and got some coffee and biscuits. Then a dark cloud came and it started to rain really hard.  once it let down we left the rest stop and tried to get ahead of the storm but couldn't and we were caught in the rain all the way to Loja. Along the way we stopped at a shop with a shelter at one of the villages to rest and pray then we continued reaching Loja around 6:30 pm.

We all wet and almost everything was either wet or damp even our paniers had water in them to the point that my laptop was moist and the laptop bag was soaked. I dried the laptop and left it, not wanting to start it until I was sure everything was dry.