Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leaving Ecuador and entering Peru

We as early as possible with many of our things still damp from yesterday's ordeal. on out way to the border which was three hours away.

Our target was Piura a small city in the north of Peru. Although the departure process was fairly straight forward and entrance into Peru took a while since the person at the customs office was an old man and he had to write every detail into a log book and photocopy our documents which took almost an hour for him to finish.

Although the GPS map is from Garmin it is really bad on the way to Piura we went by a village that had a funeral and were scarring the casket in the middle of town so we diverted and ended up on an off-road track that the locals said reaches Piura. So we continued for about 20 km until the construction guy said that the rest of the way was full of sand dunes and that other motorcycles didn't make it. He advised that we turn back and go the other way.

So we did and when we got to the village we got lost since there were two ways to get to Piura and depending on who you asked will direct you in two different ways.Finally we found the less traveled and more rural route through some villages but only managed to get there around 7:30 pm. The hotel was nice and we had a great meal at a local restaurant.