Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A day in Bogota

It took us two days to get our bikes out of Customs and cost us $300 per bike from the agent which was the most we ever payed an agent for customs release. But we didn't want to leave Bogota without getting a sense of the city so we spent a whole day exploring it's many riches.

First was the coffee although the coffee drinker is Ali and sometimes Hussain. I almost never drink Coffee but we were in Colombia and Colombia is famous for coffee so we went into a cafe that specializes in Colombian coffee.

They showed us the different beans and and had us smell the aroma and from the different areas of Colombia they also showed us two different ways of making Coffee dependent on the beans you are using.

We all the coffee and I must say that this may have me drinking coffee if it is that good.

Our next stop was the Gold Museum which housed many precolombian artifacts all made of gold. there were many designs and the artifacts were great.

We also managed to visit a small emerald museum showing us the different types of mining and their grades. It turns out that Colombia supplies 50% of the world emeralds.