Sunday, June 12, 2011

The southern most point in Africa

We had breakfast on a seafront view restaurant, then continued heading to Port Agulhas the southernmost point of the African continent, and the contact point of the Indian ocean and Atlantic Ocean.

The day started with heavy fog on the roads for the first hour and a half, then it got wormer and we started to enjoy the lovely scenery with all the farms and mountains. We stopped for some coffee and muffins then continued on to the Port Agulhas.

To reach the southernmost point we had to ride for a kilometer in gravel, and then there was a trail to walk to the plaque erected to mark the place. I managed to squeeze my bike through the wooden poles and ride the rough trail to the plaque while Ali and Hussain thought there bikes were too heavy to manage the trail.

After taking a few pictures we went to the Agulhas Country Lodge and got our rooms, then we went into town for some lunch at a great restaurant "Angelo's" with the freshest and tastiest fish we had ever tasted. 

hen when we left Hussain mentioned that he would not be able to sleep tonight if he didn’t attempt to go to the plaque especially since the bike is lighter after putting the bags in the hotel.

So we rode back and both Ali and Hussain managed to get their bikes to the plaque and took really nice pictures.