Monday, June 13, 2011

The dirt road to Cape Town

While in Pretoria we found out from the Ambassador that the only Kuwaiti citizen living in South Africa Mr.Tala Al-Shuaish is in Hermanus so we got in contact with him and decided to visit him and his family then take the coastal road to Cape Town. 

There are two ways to get to Hermanus, the easy way which means backtracking 30 Km of Tarmac on a road we have already been on  , or take a dirt road across Agulhas National Park for 45 Km. We took the dirt road it was more interesting and in the spirit of the adventure.

We managed to see Ostrich on the road and the Blue Crane as well as some type of dear. The road was great and we really managed to practice our off road skills. When we reached a tarmac road I turned to the guys and realize that their bikes were full of dust from the ride.

We continued to Hermanus had some tea and coffee with Bu-Aziz, then continued on to Cape Town reaching there around 3:45 pm.