Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Puncture at Nkhata Bay

We left early for Nkhata Bay which is on Lake Malawi. Along the way we were stopped several times at police check points asking to see our license and insurance.

The M1 road was very nice and twisty at times. We stopped for a break on top of a hill overlooking the lake, then continued on until 5 Km from Nkhata bay when my bike started to give me an alarm that the rear tire has a puncture.

I continued on the deflating tire until we reached Mayoka Village Lodge where we found out that they had rooms for only one night since they had a big group coming in the next day.

We patched the tire from the outside and decided to go tomorrow to Lilongwe for two nights to rest.


  1. Only you would be the one to pick up the only nail in africa Bu Farah ;)

  2. Nice video... now I know how to fix a puncture :)

    Good to see you guys smiling about it.... have fun and ride safely.

  3. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

    Good evening all. I have not been following your progress because my wife and I are traveling . Today we are in Madrid,however it is lovely to see you all again and more so keeping the sprit up(Mash-Allah). Having traced your trip progress I do not think much left of your adventure. Good luck with the rest of the trip and hope to see you soon. In case you have not heardI (I am sure you have but never the less) KPC have appointed the C&MDs of the subsidiaries and that Mr Sami Al Rushaid remains in his post. Fahad Al Ajmi is appointed as KNPC C&MD. Take care all and may God go with you and keep you safe.

  4. AnonymousJune 04, 2011

    واااااو الصور والفييديوو موووصج
    ماعليكم امر وانتو يايين ييبيولنا شوي من هالطبييعه

    عليكم بالعافيه وماااتعزمووون ??????