Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hello Lilongwe

In the morning I tested the rear tire and found that the mend was not holding, so Hussain and I removed the tire from the rim and patched it from the inside, and then put it back on the rim. Ali took the tire into town to seat the tire with a burst of air from a big compressor at the local repaire shop. We left the hotel by 10 am and continued along the costal route with the view of the lake to one side and the green hills most of the way.

When we reached Lilongwe about 3 PM we noticed that Hussain was not responding when talked to on the CB radio. It turned out that he no longer can hear nor talk to us, most likely due to a kink in the cable. Tomorrow Ali will get a multi meter from town to try to fix the wire.Before dinner Ali discovered that his laptop was covered with ants. He got the bag cleaned and then opened the laptop that was not working and we found even more ants inside the laptop which have hitchhiked from Nkhata Bay inside the laptop.