Monday, April 4, 2011

We are in Africa

We woke up to the sound of prayers waiting for the arrival on Africa soil. We were told that the ferry will travel for 12 hours which made the arrival after 1 pm. By this time I am not feeling well I think I have a cold. It took us more than 3 hours to finish customs and leave Suakin.

We were told that the weather is nice and cool in Sinkat so we headed there which is just 60 km. We stopped at a local shop to fill up with water in preparation to camp for the night, when the local authorities requested to see our papers and took their good time deciding what to do.

By the time we could go, it was too late it was almost sundown and we don't ride at night. So we managed to spend the night at the police station and head to Atbara tomorrow.


  1. The checking at the border looked crazy. Hope you have a safe ride tomorrow..Enjoy!!

  2. Just remember your in africa not Europe, be safe have fun & enjoy ;)

  3. Ghanim Al-HasawiApril 08, 2011

    I think it is more safe to spend the night in police stations in Africa. Just forget the motels.

  4. اعترفوا من هو العريس اللي يقصده السوداني اللي حضراتكم طاقين الدرب من الكويت الي السودان عشان تحضرون عرسه؟ :)

    المخفر السوداني هو عقوبة كل من تسول له نفسه بالتفكير بالزواج على مرته المصون

    Mel7 O FelFel

  5. سن القطوة هاهاهاهاهاه

  6. الله يعطيكم الف العافيه

    رغم كل التعب ابتسامتكم الحلوه ما تفارقكم

  7. الغنية العجيبة من ويين لاقيها ؟

    المونتاج عجييب